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It's going to take all 3.

Clutch is an alt-femme fatale series about Kylie, a pickpocket who is offered up to the mob when her boyfriend won't pay his debts. With the help of a fellow thief, whom she meets while picking his pocket, she plots to steal from her would be oppressor, ruthless mob boss Marcel, by posing as his dominatrix.

No heist comes without aftermath, however, as Marcel unleashes his goons against everyone involved, intentional or not. The mob's rule must come to an end…somehow. Who will be strong enough to fight back?

Described by reviewers as "hard-hitting", "unapologetic", and "brave", Clutch is for mature viewing, with many episodes containing nudity and graphic violence. Equivalent film ratings would be NC-17 (USA) and R (Canada). Viewer discretion is advised.