Clutch: A Gripping Web Series

Clutch is an eight-episode web series following Kylie, a resourceful pickpocket navigating the harsh realities of the streets. With a quick wit and even faster fingers, she carves out her own space in a world that's constantly trying to take her down.

Love, Betrayal, and Survival

Kylie's life takes a dramatic turn when she gets entangled with ruthless mobsters. Facing threats and violence, she's forced to fight for survival and redefine the meaning of love.

Inspired by Strength

Clutch is the brainchild of filmmaker Jonathan Robbins, driven by his admiration for strong female characters. Inspired by his own mother's resilience as a single parent, Robbins aimed to create opportunities for actresses to portray powerful roles.

Award-Winning Roots

Clutch draws inspiration from Robbins' award-winning short film, "Your Ex-Lover Is Dead." Each episode delves deeper into Kylie's gritty world, where she seeks not just survival, but a sense of belonging and connection.

 A Talented Team

The series boasts a talented creative team, including Oscar-winner Glen Hansard (Once) contributing the theme song and renowned actress Jewel Staite (Firefly, Stargate: Atlantis) as a mentor.

Stay Tuned

Follow Clutch's journey as the story unfolds.

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